Portfolio Construction & Risk Methodology

After the research process has been completed and the various aspects of the company’s 3-legged stool have been deemed satisfactory, the Firm usually takes approximate positions of 2.0-4.0% of the equity portion in each particular strategy.

Elite Capital International attempts to have S&P 500 or Russell 2000 sector representation as a risk control methodology. However, Elite Capital International will vacate or significantly over-weight a sector if the Firm sees what it considers to be a compelling reason to do so and an unusually high number of outstanding investment opportunities. As well as actively and continually monitoring sector exposure on the portfolio level, the Firm also continually monitors other potential risk factors such as international equity exposure, REIT exposure, potential liquidity issues, etc.

Elite Capital International portfolios typically hold between 30 and 40 equity securities and in balanced strategies, an additional 25-30 fixed income positions.