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Stock Market bounce a bit after positivity on June jobs report boost Investors moral

The government’s report that the U.S. economy has added 4.8 million jobs just this month of June has uplift investors hope in the economy’s reopening. The report has exceeded what the economist expected which is just around 2.9 million, which made the unemployment rate down by 11.1% from 13.3% May report. Nasdaq Composite has closed […]

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Stock Market surge as Investors gambles on Reopening of the economy

Growing numbers of confirmed cases of coronavirus will continue as the government readies the economy for reopening. Investors are quite worried and scared by the statistic of the pandemic but they still took the chance and support the government’s movement on historic stimulus programs by central banks. Around 30,000 new covid19 cases have been reported […]

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Stock Market on the rise, Oil ready for a comeback

The world is not yet free from the fear of the Coronavirus pandemic, but as the economy is reopening, recovery is following. Most stocks in the U.S. market are rising amidst chaos in most area of the country which involves an African American and uniformed policemen. Big jump notably is from S&P 500 which closed […]

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Oil, currencies and stocks market wraps up Friday fluctuating

The global stock market wraps up this week’s prices fluctuating. Most stocks drop down due to a study into a potential coronavirus treatment was halted following am inconclusive results. European stocks fell down on today’s market after region leaders failed to finalize long-term plan to help ease their economy against the blow of the coronavirus […]

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U.S. Market continues downturn apparent for the next few weeks

The first quarter of 2020 had been hard as a rock for stock market, globally. The first three months of the market has been volatile and it keeps on fluctuating every single day.  Government all over the word is pushing every means to help ease the falling economy. Three major stocks in the U.S. market […]

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Dow Jones slumped more than 1,000 points as COVID-19 Outbreak

The Dow Jones Industrial Average drops more than 1,000 points due to the virus outbreak begun at Wuhan China. Investors are worry because of the Covid-19 outbreak and according to them; this is the worst day for the stock market in 2 years. It lost 1,031.61 points, or 3.6%, to 27,960.80. At its low point, […]

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Understanding ETF Creation and Redemption

ETF Creation and Redemption ETFs shares are regulated via a mechanism called ‘Creation and Redemption’. It involves large specialized investors, called authorized participants (APs). Creation If an ETF wants to distribute additional shares, the AP buys shares of the stocks from the index and sells or exchanges them to the ETF for new ETF shares […]

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Different Types of ETF

Exchange-Traded-Fund is a type of investment wherein your invested fund can be buy collections of securities like stocks, commodities and/bonds. The Different Types of ETF Actively-Managed ETFs Portfolio managers, agents or brokers who are more involved in buying and selling of shares, stocks or holdings from one fund to another tends to have higher expense […]

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How to Buy and Sell ETF?

You could buy ETF through online brokers and/or traditional broker or license broker [educated to help investor to choose the proper investment strategy designed for them] the clients can invest to Exchange Traded Fund. An alternative to traditional brokers are online-advisors from Investam HK who make use of ETFs in their investment products. You can […]

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What is an ETF?

Exchange-Traded-Fund also known as ETF. It’s a security fund that involves collections of securities that tracks underlying index like investment stocks. You may categorically compare ETF with Mutual Fund (MF) because they are similar in a way; however ETFs can be trade through stock market while Mutual Fund is not.. ETF’s can be bought through […]

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